DEXCOM G5 Continuous Monitoring System

DEXCOM G5 is a 24/7 Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) that monitors your glucose level every 5 minutes. How does it work? There is a small, discrete sensor placed just under the skin that sends data via bluetooth to your smartphone or other electronic devices. You download an app from the Dexcom website that provide the data in vivid colors so you can easily see when your glucose is trending high, low or just right.

This is an excellent option for people who struggle to keep their glucose levels normal. The app sounds a warning if levels get too high or too low, so people with diabetes know when they need to take steps to lower or raise their glucose level. this also puts an end to pricking your finger several times a day to monitor your glucose level, which is one thing I really don’t like doing. The app also has a built-in user guide that includes video tutorials, a setup wizard, and  links for tech support. My wife can also add the app to her phone so she can monitor my glucose level as well. This is great when I am out hiking alone. She doesn’t have to worry about what my glucose levels are. Or if they are high or low at a particular time she then will anyway. But, at least she knows.

There are some things to consider. If you are using your smart phone,  iPad, iWatch or another electronic device and it goes dead, you cannot monitor your glucose level unit the device is charged. This may not be a great thing if you are not near a charger and your phone dies. the problem is that if you are using your smartphone or iPad sometime the data doesn’t get loaded. Maybe a glitch with the app? If you use the receiver that Dexcom makes to go with the monitor then you won’t have that problem but the receiver is sold separately so the smartphone is more convenient. That all being said, it is still a great device to have so you know what your glucose level is an any time. I found this for sale at for $175 plus shipping. It is a bit expensive but maybe your insurance will pay for some, most or all of the cost. You will need to call and find out. If you have one or buy one, send me a comment and I will post it to this website.

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  1. That sounds like great value for anyone battling with diabetes. Technology is certainly making living with this condition so much easier. Anyone buying this item and they should, will have piece of mind that they are constantly being monitored. Thanks for this, really well done.

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